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The story

F the Beauty standard

My name is Aleja LAkroy. I grew up in a small suburb in Michigan. I would always get teased as a kid for wearing eccentric outfits and expressing my bubbly & unapologetic self. At the time, big lips were not trending. I remember going to a flea market with my mom dressed in a white tutu, red lipstick and a velvet red hat and some kid had the audacity to say to me, "Halloween was 3 months ago". I didn't care what he thought. I soon realized people only make fun of you because they WISH they had the confidence to express themselves as well. 


Inspired by City Life

When I was little, it felt as if big cities planted the creative seeds in my inner-child. I loved the chaos of people going to work and the livelyhood of low-key coffee shops. I wondered to myself, "If there are always so many people downtown, why are there empty houses everywhere and why are there so many tall grasses?" I would ask my parents and they told me it is because of gentrification and people in the city not having enough money to support their families. I didn't quite understand this until I grew older of course. 

In the second grade, I told everyone, "I'm moving to Los Angeles!" Everyone thought I was lying but I truly believed it myself. The embodiment of my entire personality went against the grain of society's opinions. I couldn't wait to prove them wrong.

 I got accepted into my dream school and moved to LA at the age of 17! Living in LA inspired me even more because the beauty of the chaos taught me so much about the problems with self-esteem in women because of beauty standards constantly changing. I have always thought that we should all embrace our self-love and treat others with kindness and empathy regardless of how they look. This inspired me to start Aleja LAkroy Beauty.



Your eyes behold the beauty!

Society's outlook on beauty changes within time, but the way you see your own reflection is what matters. That should never change, but it should grow. I strive to empower people with the confidence in expressing themselves wearing vibrant makeup looks and dramatic lashes everyday if they want to! Your options are limitless.


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